Lijue Wang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

David Prescott

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ahmet Keles

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Kenneth Dere

Research Professor, Solar Physics

Benjamin Dreyfus

Assistant Professor

Former PhD Student Probes Puzzling Galaxy Merger

Former PhD student and current postdoctoral fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory Dr. Nathan Secrest is leading a study of the fascinating Was 49 galaxy merger system. This study, in collaboration with NASA’s NuSTAR mission, is changing our understanding of how supermassive black holes form and grow in galaxies, including our own Milky Way.

Read all about the work here:

Spring 2017 Semester Colloquia Schedule

Colloquia for the Spring 2017 Semester will take place from 3:00 to 4:15 pm in Exploratory Hall, Room L003, unless otherwise noted.

Refreshments will be served.

Title and Abstract

Jan. 27
Joel Green
Space Telescope Science Institute
The Fiery Seeds of Planet Formation

Feb. 3
Joe Pesce
Physics and Astronomy at the National Science Foundation

Feb. 17
Bob Bartolo
Former IEEE Congressional Fellow
Solving Today’s Complex Environmental Challenges: A Physicist’s …

Sigma Xi Grant Award Winner: Dillon Berger

Congratulations to Dillon Berger, who was awarded a Sigma XI Grant in Aid of Research for a project on modeling the signatures of low mass black holes in galaxies under the direction of Professor Satyapal. This is a very competitive grant with only 15% being awarded and he received $800 in support of this research.

Dillon Berger

Tiffany Lewis

Graduate student
High-Energy Astrophysics

Major: Physics PHD

Course Rotations for Select Graduate Courses

The following is the rotation for core courses for both the MS and PhD degree.  Also listed is the rotation for the specialty science courses that are a part of the PhD degree requirements (students must take two of four possible courses in this list).

Fall 2016
Spring 2017
Fall 2017
Spring 2018

PHYS 705 (CM)
PHYS 685 (EM I)
PHYS 705 (CM)
PHYS 685 (EM I)

PHYS 684 …