Colloquium: “The fastest light ever! Non-linear optics in a superconducting transmon device.”

Friday, September 18, 2015 3:00pm, Exploratory Hall, L004

Timothy Sweeney
BTS-S2, Laboratory for Physical Sciences, University of Maryland


Quantum interference in a three level Λ-type system can result in non-linear optical effects such as electromagnetically induced transparency, slow, and fast light. We have designed a Λ system by engineering the coupling and decay rates of an Al/AlOx/Al transmon qubit (T1 =4 us) dispersively coupled to a 3D Cu microwave cavity (T1=340ns). We observe a 10 μs advance of a pulse propagating through the system when pumping a two-photon qubit-cavity transition, corresponding to a group index of -176,000.

This work was conducted in the group of Ben Palmer by Sergey, J. E. Robinson, and Baladitya Suri, at the Laboratory for Physical Sciences, UMD.