Enrico Rossi- SPACS Colloquium November 8, 2012

Chiral superfluid states in grapheme heterostructures

Thursday at 3:00 pm in Research Hall room 163

Rossi abstract: The chiral nature of the fermionic excitations in graphene,  bilayer graphene, and topological insulators, induces unique electronic properties in these materials. In bilayerheterostructures the interlayer interaction can induce the formation of an interlayer phase coherent state. An interesting class of heterostructures is constituted by bilayers in which the electrons in the two layers have different chirality. An example of such a system that can be realized experimentally is the heterostructure formed by single layer graphene and bilayer graphene. In this talk I will discuss the conditions for the realization of an interlayer phase-coherent state in chiral-asymmetric heterostructures.  In particular I will show how the voltage difference between the two layers affects the conditions for the realization of the phase coherent state, and its

properties.  I will then discuss the relevance for experiments of our results.