Robert Ehrlich- SPACS Colloquium November 29, 2012

The superluminal neutrino hypothesis: Searching for tachyons or unicorns?

Thursdays at 3:00 pm in Research Hall room 163

With a recent claim of superluminal neutrinos shown to be in error, 2012 may not be a propitious time to consider the evidence that one or more neutrinos may indeed be tachyons. Nevertheless, there are a growing number of observations that continue to suggest this possibility — albeit with an $m_{\nu}^2<0$ having a much smaller magnitude than was implied by the original OPERA claim. In addition to summarizing this evidence, this talk also discusses a 3 + 3 mirror neutrino model incorporating one superluminal active-sterile neutrino pair, as well as a large number and variety of tests of the superluminal neutrino hypothesis, including a surprising prediction about an unpublished aspect of the SN 1987 A neutrinos.   See paper at: