SPACS Colloquium: “High precision measurement of magnetic fields and field gradients using an atom interferometer”

April 25, 2013, 3pm. Art and Design Building, Room 2003
Frank A. Narducci
Naval Air Systems Command

Abstract: We are currently developing atom interferometric techniques to measure magnetic fields and magnetic field gradients to high precision and, more importantly, in operationally hostile environments. In this talk, I will review the selection rules associated with driving the eleven Raman resonances in 85Rb atoms in an arbitrarily oriented magnetic field, and how to use polarization of the Raman fields to enhance or suppress desired transitions. I will then present the results of well-known “clock” transition interferometric measurements made in my laboratory in both the time domain and the frequency domain. Similar measurements made on magnetically-sensitive transitions will be presented and discussed. The analogy between our measurement techniques and the famous Young’s double slit experiment will be highlighted. I will present the first measurements of interference from our gradient magnetometer. Finally, I will discuss various pulse sequences and show how they can be considered as filtering functions.