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Mothers of Maria
UFOs: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Report of the Assessment of the Arlington Public Schools' David M. Brown Planetarium [Geller and Frazier, 2009]
Exoplanets and SETI
Some Questions from Ms. Vallarautto's 6th Grade Class
College of Science Summer 2019 Accolades
An oral history interview with the Brooklyn Public Library
An interview of me written by a journalism student
Apollo 11 Memories [audio]
Q&A with a 7th Grader
Forty+ Years of the Exploration of the Surface of Mars
A Calculus Textbook from 1910 [plain English]
Skype Session Q&A from 8th graders at Fort Mill SC
Neural Network Talk from 1991 at UMCP
Lifetime Achievement Award Listing
Proposed New Standards of Learning (SOL) for Virginia
Standards of Learning (SOL) Public Comments Hearings
Proposed Exoplanet Science Strategy from the National Academy of Science
Klaus Biemann Rebuttal in PNAS
Viking Lander Biology Results Simulation by Ponnaperuma et al.
Press release about Albert Nelson Marquis Award
Q&A Transcript from Rosholt Middle School
Q&A Transcript from O'Neal Middle School
Q&A Transcript from St Clements School
Q&A Transcript from Mrs. Perez's Cambridge Class
GMU Rocketry Club Spring 2018
In Memoriam Words for Stanley Michael Zoltek
The Geller Equation: On the Probability of Successful Sexual Relations with Extraterrestrials
Pictures from the 2017 Asteroid Day Event at GMU Observatory
GCMS, Artificial Neural Networks and the 1976 Viking Lander on Mars
An Overview of the Arctic Observatory CD-ROM [1996]
Pictures from the 2016 Asteroid Day Event at GMU Observatory
"Asteroids: What, Where, How, and Why We Care"
"A Hit: The Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater"
"The 40th Anniversary of Mars Viking Mission"
Pictures from the 2016 Astronomy Festival on the National Mall
tjSTAR presentation on 40th Anniversary of Viking to Mars and 1st Anniversary of New Horizons to Pluto [15.8MB]
"Space Rocks and You" presentation at Peaks of Otter
"Space History Highlights" presntation at Wintergreen Nature Foundation
How to Develop a Problem Based Science Unit (by VISTA team)
Presentation at Almost Heaven Star Party August 2015
Photographs from Asteroid Day 2015 at George Mason University
Photographs from the Astronomy Festival on the National Mall 2015
Lunar Surface Material Mapping Proposal for GMU telescope by Darryl Wilson
CSAAPT Presentation 25 October 2014 on Flipping Astrobiology Lecture and Lab
Interim Recommendations for SOL Related Changes
Arlington Planetarium Presentation on MAVEN and Comet Sider Spring (13.1MB)
Changes in the surface and atmosphere of Mars over 4 billion years (simulation by NASA/GSFC ~51.1MB)
A video of the MAVEN engineering model ~43.7MB
An Overview of the George Mason University Observatory
2014 AAUP National Conference on the State of Higher Education
2013 AAUP National Conference on the State of Higher Education
Observatory Park Ribbon Cutting Pictures :: Telescope Installation Pictures :: Sally Ride Festival Pictures
CSAAPT 2007 Presentation :: OLLI Evolution of the Universe 2005 :: On Origin of Universe and Stars :: Weingartner's Dusty Universe
Cosmos in the Classroom 2004 at Tufts :: AAPT Presentation March 2004 at Washington Academy of Sciences Meeting
Radio Astronomy Presentation to the Society of Physics Students at Northern Virginia Community College
NRAO Field Trip Pictures :: DC Public School Visit Pictures :: NOVAC Roboscope Pictures
Presentation to Conference on Communicating Astronomy to the Public (National Academies 10/1-3/2003)
NAGT 2003 Pictures (Buffalo) :: ISEF 2003 Pictures (Cleveland) :: NAGT 2003 Presentation :: MAPS 2003 Presentation
Life on Mars Presentation :: NOVAC Radio Astronomy Presentation
GWU E-learning conference presentation :: AAPT 1/2002 Presentation :: NAGT 2001 Presentation
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CSI 803 Related Links

You can check out a draft of the term paper on the web: Term Paper. For the CSI 803 Term Project I am proposing to work with another student in class, Gary Page. A detailed outline of our project can be found at this web page . The original preliminary abstract of our project follows: The website called "Flow Dynamics of a Wide Arctic Canyon" is the introductory web page to research conducted by Dr. Sergio Signorini, which may be used as a basis for the CSI 803 term project. Dr. Signorini developed a model of the ocean current flow in the vicinity of Barrow Canyon. Dr. Signorini's results are going to be published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. Some of his results are depicted in a static plot which he has at the following URL: http:// . Dr. Signorini has completed a supercomputer model run on the Cray YMP at the Arctic Regional Supercomputer Center in Alaska whose data output he has courteously provided us for this term project effort. The output will be examined and perhaps converted to a format that can be displayed by the freeware from Wisconsin known as Vis5D. Vis5D is a powerful package available on UNIX machines for displaying scientific data. Using this package we hope to develop an animation based on the model output data and demonstrate how best to display such datasets.

CSI 801 Related Links

Here's a link to the CSI 801 homepage . Here are links to pages related to the term project which dealt with the discovery of microbial life on a meteorite with Mars origins and my team's efforts to simulate the temperature conditions on Mars billions of years ago and how that would effect the development of life (particularly the size of the microbes) at that time.

Here are links to homepages produced by other team members:

Rida Moustafa :: Gwen Shafer :: Gary Page :: Charles Barnes

Additional links related to the team project:

Other sites of related interest to CSI 801:

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Original paper submitted to the Ninth International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Databases :: Short paper accepted by IEEE.

CSI 998 Related Stuff

Original Dissertation Proposal ::: Second Dissertation Proposal ::: Last Dissertation Proposal in earth science concentration

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Examine a web page that will provide you with links to web-based database interface (a.k.a. gateway) software, some of which is available free.

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