Harold Geller

CSI 769

Letterman's Top Ten Questions to Ask a Planetary Scientist

10. Why are the chemical abundances the way they are?

Testable with computer models leading to the current densities.

9. What are the effects of clouds on GCM? Is cloud cover increasing or decreasing?

Testable with satellite instruments in conjunction with computer models.

8. Why are the clouds of Venus so acidic?

Testable with observations if we dare. Otherwise computer models.

7. How much effect has the warming of the sun influenced the global warming?

Testable with observations and computer models.

6. Is there a bias in measurements caused by the urbanization of the world?

Testable over long duration using measurements. Needs to be combined with models.

5. How does the solar/sunspot relate to changes in temperatures on Earth?

Testable with correlations and models between sunspot cycles and satellite temperatures.

4. Why is Mars so small compared to Earth?

Computer models only thing going now.

3. What will be the effect of the doubling of the CO2?

Use data from satellites and in-situ. Monitor until nearly doubled. If devestating, then you lose.

2. What caused the ice ages to start?

Search for evidence in rocks, trees, etc.

1. How did we ever get out of an ice age?

Will we ever know before the next ice age? Will there be another ice age?