NAS 130
NVCC Manassas
Summer 2004

Course Outline (Subject to Change during semester with collaborative activities and computer laboratories to be added as the session proceeds)

Date Zeilik Chapter Topic

==== =========== =========================

5/17 1 From Chaos to Cosmos

Computer Lab Cybersky planetarium software

Zeilik Activity Scaling the Solar System

5/19 2 Birth of Cosmological Models

Zeilik Activities Angular Size and Distance

Solar System Models

5/24 3 New Cosmic Order

Zeilik Activities Kepler's Third Law - Planets

Kepler's Third Law - Mass of Jupiter

5/26 4 Clockwork Universe

Computer Lab Revolution of the Moons of Jupiter


6/2 EXAMINATION #1 (Chapters 1,2,3 and 4)

5 Birth of Astrophysics

Zeilik Activity Newton's Gravitation

Zeilik Activity Continuous Spectra (Light & Spectra)

6/7 5 Birth of Astrophysics

Computer Lab Energy Flow out of the Sun

6/9 6 Telescopes and Insight into the Cosmos

Zeilik Activities Stellar Temperatures, Colors, and Spectra

Geller Activity Spectra and Kirchoff

Extra Reference Light and all kinds of Telescopes

Extra Reference Emission Spectra Chart

6/14 7 Einstein's Vision

Computer Lab Online Curvature of Universe and Hubble's Deep Field Photograph

6/16 EXAMINATION #2 (Chapters 5,6 and 7)

8 The Earth: An Evolving Planet

Activity Planetary Geology using Remote Sensing

The Earth Geller PPT Slides

Solid Earth Geller PPT Slides

Meteorology Geller PPT Slides

Hydrology Geller PPT Slides

6/21 9 Moon and Mercury, Mars and Venus Activity Planetary Geology of Mars

Moon Wallin PPT Slides

Mercury Wallin PPT Slides

Venus Wallin PPT Slides

Mars Geller PPT Slides

6/23 10 The Jovian Planets: Primitive Worlds Activity Geologic Features of Outer Planet Satellites

Jupiter Geller PPT Slides

Saturn Geller PPT Slides

Uranus U.Tenn PPT Slides

Neptune U.Tenn PPT Slides

Pluto Geller PPT Slides

6/28 11 Origin & Evolution of the Solar System

Computer Lab CLEA Rotation Rate of Mercury

6/30 EXAMINATION #3 (Chapters 8,9,10 and 11)

12 Our Sun: Local Star

Sun Wallin Sun Slides

Sun Additional Information on the Sun

Zeilik Activity Stellar Parallax

7/5 No Class 13 The Stars as Suns

Computer Lab CLEA Spectral Classification of Stars

HR Diagram Geller HR Diagram Slides

7/7 14 Starbirth and Interstellar Matter

Zeilik Activity Classifying Stars by the HR Diagram

Zeilik Activity Stellar Spectra (Light & Spectra)

ISM Wallin ISM Slides

7/12 15 Star Lives

Computer Lab CLEA Photoelectric Photometry of the Pleiades

7/14 16 Star Death

Star Death Evans PPT on Stellar Death

Black Holes Evans PPT on Black Holes

Zeilik Activity Stellar Evolution (Scientific Models)

Zeilik Activity Cepheid Variable Stars (Cosmic Distances)

7/19 EXAMINATION #4 (Chapters 12,13,14,15 and 16)

Computer Lab CLEA Radioastronomy of Pulsars

7/21 17 Evolution of the Galaxy

PPT Slides UFL Milky Way slides

Zeilik Activity The Sun's Distance from the Galactic Center

Zeilik Activity Rotation Curve of a Spiral Galaxy

7/26 18 The Universe of Galaxies

Computer Lab CLEA Hubble Redshift

7/28 19 Cosmic Violence

Zeilik Activity Hubble's Law

Zeilik Activity Cosmic Background Radiation

8/2 20 Cosmic History

Computer Lab CLEA Large Scale Structures

8/4 EXAMINATION #5 (Chapters 17,18,19 and 20)

Study Aids from Michael Zeilik, Cambridge University Press and other sources

For Examination #1 For Examination #2 For Examination #3 For Examination #4 For Examination #5

Enjoy the remainder of the SUMMER !!!