NAGT East 2003 (Buffalo) Pictures with some other pictures too

 thumbnail Medical Bookstore at South Campus UB

 thumbnail Buffalo Science Museum HR Diagram Wall

 thumbnail Buffalo Science Museum Observatory

 thumbnail Buffalo Science Museum Observatory pic2

 thumbnail Niagara Falls (New York/Canada)

 thumbnail Niagara Falls, New York bridge anchor

 thumbnail Niagara Falls, Canada Dam

 thumbnail Niagara Falls Canada from Niagara Falls New York

 thumbnail Temporary water falls, Niagara Falls New York

 thumbnail Rocks that remain from railroad tunnel

 thumbnail Rock with signs of glacier effects

 thumbnail Rock path along river

 thumbnail Rocks along path along river

 thumbnail Grimsby Formation (?) in Medina Group along Lewiston Artpark

 thumbnail More Grimsby Formation (?)

 thumbnail UB Main Campus by Science Buildings

 thumbnail Lecture room science buildiing UB main campus

 thumbnail UB South Campus Goodyear Hall (where I lived in fall '71)

 thumbnail UB South Campus

 thumbnail UB South Campus pic2

 thumbnail UB South Campus Residence Halls

 thumbnail UB South Campus Wende Hall (former science building, NB-observatory)