ASTRonomy 112 Laboratory

Harold Geller

Breakdown of the ASTR 112 Laboratory Grade:

Laboratory Experiments (9): 70%

Laboratory Participation: 20%

Laboratory Quizzes: 10%

All laboratory reports must be turned in at the end of the laboratory session. There is allowance for making up only ONE missed laboratory meeting. This can be done by completion of a makeup lab to be provided later in the semester as a take home lab exercise or an in-class lab at the end of the semester.

Laboratory quizzes will be given WITHOUT prior notice, and will take place during the first 10 minutes of lab period with a set time limit. NO quizzes turned in after the assigned time will be accepted. Format of the quizzes will vary from multiple choice to long answer. When problems are to be solved, you will be expected to SHOW YOUR WORK or risk getting NO credit. There will be NO MAKE UP QUIZZES. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get to class on time. If you miss the quiz because you are late, DO NOT ASK FOR THE QUIZ you missed.

You will be expected to cope with routine mathematical calculations (including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of all types of real numbers including fractions) including simple algebraic problems (i.e. solving for an unknown). If you are not certain you can handle such basic mathematics, you might consider dropping the class.

Thank you.