August Observing Session at the Barns of Franklin Park

  1. Pete Johnson gets ready to set up his 24" Dob
  2. Sunset at Franklin Park
  3. Sunset2 at Franklin Park
  4. Sunset3 at Franklin Park
  5. Sunset4 at Franklin Park
  6. Moon over Franklin Park
  7. Telescope Blues
  8. Person setting up for observing
  9. Socializing at observing session
  10. Sunset5 at Franklin Park
  11. Sunset6 at Franklin Park
  12. Sunset7 at Franklin Park
  13. Geller telescope setup
  14. Observing the sun
  15. The field from parking lot
  16. The Barns at Franklin Park Supporters
  17. The solar power array
  18. The big house on top of the hill
  19. A view of the silo [future observatory]
  20. Someone setting up their telescope
  21. Someone's telescope ready to observe
  22. Setting up to observe the sun
  23. Geller's setting up
  24. Geller's setting up2
  25. Geller's setting up3