c This is MARS1.FOR     written by Harold Geller
c It is to be used as SUBROUTINE MARS1 for MARSMAIN.FOR
c It is used to display the following parameters:
c	diameter of Mars,   d = 6794 kilometers
c	radius of Mars,     r = 3397 kilometers
c	mass of Mars,	    m = 6.578 x 10^23 kilograms
c	density of Mars,    rho = 3.9 grams per cubic centimeter
c	length of day,	    day = 8.864 x 10^4 seconds
c	obliquity,	    obl = 25.0 degrees
c	eccentricity,	    ecc = 0.093
c	solar orbit period, sop = 687 Earth days
c	scale height,	    H = 10
c	albedo, 	    albedo = 0.3
c       semi-major axis,    axis = 227.9 x 10^6 kilometers


c Get the parameters from the MARSMAIN program

       COMMON /parameters/ d,r,m,rho,day,obl,ecc,sop,H,albedo
       COMMON /parameters/ albedocomp,Qe,axis

       write(*,*) 'The diameter of Mars (kilometers):        ',d
       write(*,*) 'The radius of Mars (kilometers):          ',r
       write(*,*) 'The mass of Mars (kilograms):             ',m
       write(*,*) 'The density of Mars (grams/cm^3):         ',rho
       write(*,*) 'The length of a Mars day (seconds):       ',day
       write(*,*) 'The obliquity of Mars (degrees):          ',obl
       write(*,*) 'The eccentricity of Mars:                 ',ecc
       write(*,*) 'The Mars solar orbit period (Earth days): ',sop
       write(*,*) 'The scale height of Mars:                 ',H
       write(*,*) 'The albedo of Mars:                       ',albedo
       write(*,*) 'The semi-major axis of Mars (kilometers): ',axis



c *********************************************************************
c This is the end of the MARS1.FOR (subroutine)
c *********************************************************************