Unofficial Notes from CSI 810 for 9/24/96

Groups will be sent on an "internet scavenger hunt." Each group will be assigned to develop a relational database (i.e. ORACLE) related to the NASA example, from information gathered on the "scavenger hunt." Check on the ORACLE/SQL notes in the copy center for INFS 614.
Class lecture lead by Michaels:
Discussion of user models
 - definition of user model
 - class of user
 - what will be queried
 - identification of scope of useages
Discussion of data quality
 - updates on data and metadata
 (should be in links section of "lecture 4 notes" on CSI 810 main webpage)
Discussion of collaborative databases
Discussion of genome project
 - US patents
 - project value on order of $50 Billion
 - control of situation using patents
 (use of examples on links)
Discussion of sociological problems
 - insurance companies
 - publishing issues
 - pharmaceutical company issues
 - competing government agencies
Discussion of yeast genome project
 - most complex genome project completed to date
Discussion of GMU independent architecture study (IAS)
 - EOS
 (see website at CEOSR site at GMU)
 - user model used in IAS
 - multi-layer comceptual framework for the EOSDIS Core System
Discussion of major "how-to" questions
 - getting databases to work together
 - queries to multiple databases
Demonstration of examples
 - ENQUire
 - Entrez
 - USDA National Agriculture Library
 - Michaels own work (see
Discussion of ASN.1