Existing Web/Database Gateway Products

The following letters are used to indicate whether the software highlighted is available commercially, free or as shareware:

4w Publisher (C)

- runs under Windows (3.1/95/NT) and uses Microsoft's Access Jet Engine as its underlying database. Generates static web pages that can be stored on any Web server. A CGI version of 4W Publisher will be released soon.

A-XOrion (C)

- runs under Windows 3.1/95/NT. Requires MS Access 2.0 to be installed because it is built around MS Access tools. A-XOrion is a CGI gateway that can access most brand-name PC databases. Has full Web-Query/Insert/Update/Delete support.

BestWeb/BestWeb Pro (C)

- BestWeb is the new product everyone is talking about! It's the only tool you need to create a Web-compatible, indexed version of any existing dBASE, MARC or ASCII label database. BestWeb translates your files automatically into HTML and creates intelligent hypertext links between records. BestWeb Pro supports ODBC-compliant databases and multimedia and is compatible with most Web servers and platforms.

CA-Unicenter/ICE (C)

- an end-to-end management solution for securing, monitoring, and managing Web servers and clients. CA-Unicenter/ICE secures CGI requests to databases. Database alerts, errors, and events enable administrators to detect and prevent potential problems. Corrective actions can be taken through manual or automated response.


- the power solution for publishing your data directly to the Internet. It interacts with a variety of data sources to quickly and easily create static or dynamic information-rich Web pages. If you want full control over how your database information looks when it is published to the Web, this is the tool that will give you the results you want.

Cold Fusion (C)

- a "Web/database authoring tool" which allows access to databases on Windows NT and WIndows 95 platforms, using any database that is ODBC compliant. Cold Fusion is a CGI script that uses HTML files to present the user with a query form. The user query is sent to the database and then template files determine how the output is presented to the user. Creates dynamic HTML pages in response to user queries by mixing HTML tags and Database Markup Language (DBML) which can dictate how the database results are displayed.

dbCGI (F)

- Uses embedded SQL in HTML documents to execute database queries and format the results. Has support for Progress, Sybase, Oracle, Informix, Ingres and ODBC. You can port to other databases by writing your own interface program. Has support for BLOB data, such as images, sound and video.

DBperl (F)

- DBperl is a database access Application Programming Interface (API) for the Perl Language. The DBperl API Specification defines a set of functions, variables and conventions that provide a consistent database interface independant of the actual database being used.


- IBM's WWW interface to their DB2 database product. Uses standard HTML and SQL. The HTML forms and SQL queries are stored as macro files on the Web server machine. The macro files are processed by DB2WWW when the user requests data, and performs variable substitution to access the requested data. Also facilitates access to Oracle and Sybase servers. Can include secure data transfer when used with other IBM products. Runs on OS/2, AIX, and maybe AS/400 servers.

dbWeb (C)

- Microsoftr dbWeb is a gateway between Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) data sources and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). You can use Microsoft dbWeb to publish data from an ODBC data source on the World Wide Web (WWW) or on your internal network without specialized client software. You can download a free copy of dbWeb.

Decoux (F)

- An Oracle-specific gateway written in Oraperl or Oracle's PRO*C programming language. Decoux opens an HTML document that contains pseudo-HTML tags with SQL statements in the tags. The SQL statements are executed and the pseudo-tags are replaced by the data retrieved from the database and the document is displayed.

Empress DataWeb (C)

- is a Hypermedia Web Data Management Application Environment. The core of the DataWEB is the Empress Web HTML Toolkit. The toolkit allows you to easily and rapidly build Web-based applications that can utilize the technological strengths and features of Empress RDBMS.

DataWave (C)

- a collection of 4D procedures and layouts, and an external package, that you install into any existing 4D database using 4D Insider. Installation takes just a few minutes. You'll also need NetLink/4D or the Internet ToolKit from Foresight Technology. Then you need to add just one line of code to display the DataWave control palette. You don't need to know how to write HTML or how to use the lower-level TCP/IP or CGI tools to use DataWave.

FoxWeb (C)

- FoxWeb is a software tool that allows World-Wide-Web servers to interface with FoxPro data and programs.

GemStone WWW Gateway (F)

- This is a gateway between the GemStone OODBMS and the World Wide Web. It is implemented entirely in GemStone Smalltalk and supports forms and user authentication.

Genera (F)

- A Sybase-specific gateway that uses a proprietary syntax to create a database or use an existing one. Genera language text files are parsed to get a description of a database and the format it should have when displayed as a Web page. Genera also supports form-based queries. Genera is written in Perl and Sybperl.


- an integrated Website development environment that can utilize multiple information sources-any server-resident API,ODBC driver, .DLL, shared library, stored procedure, server-based OLE/OCX, ActiveXT, and more.

HotSQL (C)

- HotSQL is a new product that brings ODBC database connectivity to your Web site or intranet. It works by allowing designers to embed SQL statements and simple macros in HTML files. These are processed by the HotSQL engine which handles database queries and updates and can generate dynamic HTML output.

HyperSTAR Web Developer's Kit (C)

- enables any HTML browser to dynamically interact with a wide variety of relational and legacy databases. The WDK is based upon an object-messaging middleware product, HyperSTAR. It is compatible with all Web servers that support the CGI standard. Each kit contains a visual query builder, a C-language API, a database-specific access server, and documentation. Access servers are currently available for Oracle, Sybase, Informix, uniVerse, Ingres, and Micro Focus Cobol ISAM. Future releases will support IBM's DB2 for MVS.

Informix Webkits (F)

- The INFORMIX-Webkits kits assist developers in connecting Informix databases to the World Wide Web. Each webkit contains a library of functions or classes to help you write CGI programs that can interface with Informix databases.

Internet Toolkit for 4D (C)

- a programmers toolkit for Internet-ifying a 4D database.


- a database connectivity tool kit for Web developers. iHTML allows the seamless connection of ODBC databases to an Internet site. iHTML uses all standard SQL commands to read and update information in Relational databases.

NetScheme InterMart Toolkit (C)

- an easy-to-use toolkit that enables developers to build Web-based applications in minutes. By harnessing the power of Web browser-based navigation, InterMart Toolkit maximizes the value of a company's data and gives people the information they want--quickly and easily. The product provides information in a format they can use, without requiring them to learn a complex query language or understand a database structure.

IntraBuilder (C)

- This one-stop Intranet development shop combines productivity-boosting visual development tools, rich database support, a web server, and the Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 web browser and authoring tool.

Intranet Database Assistant (C)

- a free Windows NT product which is a high performance Peer-to-Peer Web Database product which runs on Windowsr 95 and Windowsr NT, using multiple ODBC Data Sources. Create dynamic web pages that display data directly from your databases. No CGI programming or Perl scripting required. Allows you to send Faxes from your HTML page using MS-Exchange.

iPerForm (C)

- a scripting language that allows you to create powerful database queries, dynamically create custom pages on the fly, and much, much more.

iResults DataWeb 2.0 (C)

- iResults DataWeb 2.0 is a powerful new tool that automatically connects databases to the World Wide Web. iResults DataWeb 2.0 is extremely easy to use -- by adding a few lines to your HTML file, you can integrate your databases into your Web pages.

ITASCA Webface (C)

- ITASCA Webface is a tool for making impressive database applications for use across the network as well as in-house. ITASCA Webface uses underlying object-oriented view system for providing appropriately selected and structured data for user applications. HTML templates are used to merge the data received from the ITASCA database with pre-designed hypertext documents.

JDBC Net Server (C)

- allows Java applications to access many types of database, including Oracle, Sybase, and Informix. Written to the JDBC API, Net Server runs under various flavors of Unix and Windows NT/95.

JDesignerPro (F)

- a Java-based product that allows you to build a Java front-end to an ODBC database without writing a single line of Java code. JDesignerPro is not a development environment, it is an interface designer, builder and code-generator, itself written entirely in Java. JDesignerPro is free for developers, but if you use it for commercial purposes, it costs you money.

KE Texpress (C)

- An object-oriented database system that can handle formatted text and multi-media objects (jpegs, mpegs, etc.). Together with Texhtml, a WWW databse gateway, users can publish Web pages with query and update capabilities.

Mini SQL (S)

- A lightweight database engine written in C that has very low memory requirements. It has a limited command set, but somes with utilities that allow you to administer your database, as well as enforce access control. mSQL does have a Web page, but this is the ftp site. It comes with a good user manual. This is the database my example Web pages use.

M/Gateway (C)

- M/Gateway provides a low cost, very high performance linkage between industry standard Web Servers and M databases, allowing you to build dynamic Web sites using M as a back-end database. Currently only works with Microsoft's IIS Web server. Other versions coming soon.

mgyWeb (C)

- A seamless consolidation of robust database management, processing and connectivity applications. Each class of user that accesses your site is presented with a personalized menu and assigned different privileges when they logon. Subscribers to your service are automatically notified by Email when an item that matches their interest profile is added to the database. Authorized contributors may update your databases via the Internet.

NetDynamics (C)

- from Spider Technologies, NetDynamics is a next generation Web/database application builder which integrates visual development, a high performance JAVA application server, and scalable database access into a robust architecture optimized for Web/database access. Runs under Windows 3.1/95/NT and various flavors of Unix.

NetLink/4D (C)

- A Macintosh product that enables you to connect your 4D database to the Web. Requires WebSTAR Web server.

NeXT WebObjects (C)

- an object-oriented Web development platform that runs under Windows NT and various flavors of Unix. It is database independent, and adds a dynamic HTML presentation layer to data stored not only in object-oriented applications but also in industry standard relational databases.

O2Web (C)

- The O2 System is a fully modular object database system which integrates a powerful database engine with a graphic programming environment, a complete set of development tools and programming languages. O2 provides O2DBAccess, an SQL gateway enabling your O2 applications to manipulate information managed by any kind of SQL server on any kind of platform (AS/400, DB2, Oracle, Ingres, Sybase, Informix, OS/2 database, RDB database, SUPRA server, etc.).

OpenPath WEB (C)

- extends HTML with new statements that generate C source code which can be compiled into CGI. The applications are compiled into stand-alone executables. Can easily integrate legacy code into a database/Web application. Applications created with OpenPath Web can be extended by linking into them existing libraries or executables at compile time.

Oracle WebServer (C)

- A Web server integrated with an Oracle 7 database server. Supports standardized secure authentication mechanisms, encrypted data-streams, scalability and support for very many concurrent users.

Oracle WWW Interface Kit (F)

- A collection of tools for accessing Oracle databases from the WWW.

ORALink (F)

- A freeware product for Windows NT that works with Oracle 7 Server for NT. ORALink is a multithreaded CGI 1.1 compliant Windows NT console application which uses the POST method to get output from forms.

oraperl (F)

- an Oracle/perl interface language. Requires Perl 5.001m and Oracle PRO*C.

OrayWWW (F)

- An Oracle-specific gateway written in Oraperl that lets you generate HTML forms on the fly, based on user input, but you can only use the forms by calling them in other HTML documents after they are created.

PageBlazer (C)

- a rapid application development (RAD) environment for the WWW. PageBlazer applications dynamically generate Web pages by blending the application's image with custom content. A PageBlazer-enabled Web site can utilize information from ODBC-compliant databases (such as Sybase and Oracle), as well as OLE 2.0 Automation servers and third-party libraries. In addition, through automatic user tracking, PageBlazer applications can maintain information associated with each user, such as the user's preferences.


- PHP/FI is a server-side html-embedded scripting language. It lets you write simple scripts right in your .HTML files much like JavaScript does, except, unlike JavaScript PHP/FI is not browser-dependant. JavaScript is a client-side html-embedded language while PHP/FI is a server-side language. PHP/FI is similar in concept to Netscape's LiveWire Pro product. If you have the money, you run Netscape's Commerce Server and you run one of the supported operating systems, you should probably have a look at LiveWire Pro. If you like free fast-moving software that comes with full source code you will probably like PHP/FI.

QDDB (Quick and Dirty Database) (F)

- QDDB is a database suite that allows you to create relations, add tuples, modify tuples, delete tuples, and search for tuples in a fast and very flexible way. Qddb revolves around the idea of a "tuple tree," where tuples are stored and manipulated in an intuitive, pre-joined way.

RES Reach (C)

- lets you develop sophisticated database applications, with forms, buttons, hypertext, multimedia, and available password checking and encryption. RES Reach lets you create special web pages where forms and buttons on ordinary Web pages interact directly with databases. This enables the development of sophisticated database applications that adapt to each user and are as secure or open as you wish.


- ROFM CGI is an application that allows you to serve FileMaker Pro databases to the World Wide Web (WWW). It is easy to set up and use. It runs on Macintosh computers (only), and requires WebSTAR or MacHTTP, Filemaker Pro 2.1v3 and AppleScript 1.1 (which comes with system 7.5).


- an Internet version of R:BASE that is designed to run on a Web server. Has Form Designer tool to create forms and link them to the database. When the form is run R:WEB converts it into HTML. No knowledge of HTML or CGI is required by the programmer.

SQLGate (F)

- a gateway for Mini SQL that uses embedded commands in HTML files. The executable is only available for the Linux operating system.

Salvo (C)

- supports IBM mainframe and AS/400 databases. Uses ODBC and the Netscape API (NSAPI) to provide SSL access to databases from Windows NT. Requires a minimum Pentium 166.

Sapphire/Web (C)

- For developers creating network computing applications, Sapphire/Web is the Web-and-Java-to-database development tool that makes it easy to create high-performance Internet/Intranet applications. Unlike other tools that deliver server-side only solutions, Sapphire/Web offers Interactive Java client and server-side business logic in an open approach giving you the choice of Java, ActiveX, and the security and scalability to meet the needs of Enterprise-Wide and World-Wide applications.

Software Engine (C)

- Requires a Sybase database. Uses Sybase tables to store information about your forms. You define what you want and Software Engine creates the database tables for you.

Sibylla (C)

- a Web/database gateway that supports Mini SQL and Basis Plus under SunOS 4.1.3, HP-UX 9.0, OSF1 1.3, Linux and VMS. (mSQL doesn't work under VMS) Version 2.0 will support ODBC connections to Oracle, Sybase, informix, SQL Server, and FULCRUM.

SQL~Surfer (C)

- middleware that allows Web application developers to quickly write calls to many popular database engines on Unix and NT platforms. SQL~Surfer allows rapid application development through the use of a simple verb set that hides the complexity of relational database access. SQL~Surfer manages all SQL requests, stored procedures calls and RPCs calls to access via the WEB to specific or standard applications.

SQLweb (C)

- The SQLweb Interactive Server provides a full, dynamic database interactivity. It inserts, updates, deletes, queries and executes stored database procedures. It changes the appearance of its pages, takes orders, places orders, sends messages and interacts with legacy systems and networks. Runs under various flavors of Unix and Windows NT, using most major databases.

SQml (C)

- SQml creates documents on the fly from your existing SQL database without translation or converstion. SQml Native supports both SGML and HTML source documents under various flavors of Unix and Windows NT/95. SQml-CGI provides the functionality of SQml in a CGI. Supports many databases, including Oracle, Informix, and Sybase.

TECWeb (C)

- a Web server that can maintain multiple, concurrent client logons to multiple RDBMS from multiple vendors, without using CGI. HTML-like tags in web page definitions allow the user to specify what information is to be obtained from the RDBMS and where in the web page the information is to be inserted. TECWeb Servers provide very high security for information access and modification. Runs under Solaris 2.4 with Sybase and Oracle databases.


- TILE is a software program for creating World Wide Web sites using Lotus Notes.

UMASS Information Navigator (F)

- A tool that allows a user to navigate around a relational database. The Navigator is based on a meta-database which contains information about the real data. A configuration file contains the opening screen information, including the views contained in the meta-database. The Navigator presents the user with a choice of these views to search within. Once in a view, the user continues to make choices narrowing the search until a specific query form is generated.

VirtuFlex (C)

- VirtuFlex is a CGI macro language designed to help you to maximize the potential of your Internet server. Using these macros you can easily integrate your Email server, World Wide Web site, fax modem, printer, database software, voice mail, and telephone into one united system.


- A gateway written in Perl which uses Form Definition Files (FDF) to define the tables and fields in a database. FDF's are generated by scripts that come with WDB. FDF's can be customized to use join conditions, hide fields, format output, etc. WDB comes with Perl extensions that support Sybase, Informix, and Mini SQL. Generates HTML query forms on the fly and formats the database results. There's also a version to use with Postgres95, but that's at another web page.

Web+ (C)

- TalentSoft Web+ is a development tool dedicated for developing web-based client-server applications without writing CGI programs. It enables rapid/easy creation of highly functional web pages which integrates with databases, file systems, email, and your legacy applications. Web+ runs on all popular platforms including Windows NT, Windows 95, Linux, Solaris, and other Unix systems.

Web2SQL (C)

- An interface between Microsoft SQL Server and Netscape Server under Microsoft Windows NT that uses the Netscape API instead of CGI.

WebBase (C)

- A Web server that allows you to access many commercial databases. Runs under Windows 3.1/95/NT. Supports all versions of HTML, embedded SQL commands, macros, password protection, database logging, etc.


- a uniquely powerful and easy-to-use cross-platform environment that supports the development of complex database applications on the World Wide Web. WebBUILDER offers a complete Internet application development solution by providing application developers a workbench that includes an Application Generator, a Decision Support Rules language, SQL support of major RDBMS, and configuration management. These applications can be built and deployed across NT/95, UNIX and AS/400 platforms.

Web Connection (C)

- Connect Visual FoxPro to the Wold Wide Web with West Wind Web Connection and take full advantage of Visual FoxPro's powerful data access and programmability for creating dynamically generated Web content. Web Connection features a speedy Web interface, easy to use and extensible classes (wwCGIServer, wwCGI, wwHTML, wwCGIProcess) and several useful tools that make it easy to receive and process CGI requests and generate the final, dynamic HTML output to return to the Web Server.

WWW Data (S)

- a shareware database system specifically designed to be accessed and used on the World Wide Web. Specify in a simple data definition language the data you want to publish and which end users (on the Web) are allowed to access and manipulate the data. After that, WWW Data uses this specification to automatically create the database, the required HTML form, the CGI application as well as a set of tools to initially populate and maintain the data base. Runs under Windows 3.1/95/NT, Solaris 2.4/5, and Linux.

WebDBC (C)

- A cross-platform product that uses ODBC and CGI to access any ODBC compliant database. Works under Windows 95/NT (including the Alpha), MacOS, and Sun Solaris.

WebinTool (F)

- A generic WWW to SQL-database interface building tool. Only the INGRES DBMS is supported in the current version, but it can be ported (without too much effort) to other DBMSs.

WebLogic dbKona (C)

- provides high-level JDBC-compliant connectivity to databases. To use dbKona, you don't need any specific knowledge about a particular vendor's database or version of SQL. WebLogic's dbKona can be used with any JDBC driver. WebLogic supplies a set of native JDBC drivers for Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.
- a set of JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) drivers for a variety of environments. The native drivers are based on vendor-supplied database libraries rather than on Microsoft's ODBC, and offer the performance of native vendor libraries as well as the platform neutrality of JDBC.

Web Server 4D (C)

- A Web server built on top of a Macintosh 4th Dimension database. The developer's version requires ownership of 4D, but the standard version includes a merged copy of 4D for free. Handles all HTML tags plus new ones to help track user statistics.

Web Publisher (F)

- a product designed to let you create and publish documents and databases on the Internet. Manuals, catalogs, price lists, databases, research notes, marketing materials... whatever you want to publish the askSam Web Publisher is the perfect tool.


- a Mini SQL Web browser interface which allows you to examine and modify rows in tables of an MSQL database.


- A gateway that uses a cgi-script as a stub to call Oracle stored procedures, then processes the output.

ZyView (S)

- a shareware product written in Perl, allows the information provider to store information in a database and make this information available to Web broswers by generating HTML "views" of the data "On-the-Fly". ZyView uses template and view files to present data to users. Requires Perl 4.036 or 5.001m.