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Favorite Books

  • Here is New York by E.B. White
  • " The Moon and SixPense by W Somerset Maugham
  • " My Several Worlds by Pearl S. Buck
  • "Open" by Andre Agassi
  • " To Kill a Mocking Bird, Harper Lee
  • "The Piano Shop on the Left Bank" by Thad Carhart
  • " The Strangest man: The Hidden life of Paul Dirac", by Graham Farmelo
  • "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom
  • "Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch
  • "Boffin, a personal story of the early days of Radar, Radi Astronomy and Quantum Optics" by R Hanbury Brown
  • "Feynman's Rainbow", Leonard Mlodinow
  • "Lust for Life", Irvine Stone
  • "The Fountain Head", Ayn Rand, Harper Collins
  • "Into Thin Air", Jon KraKauer, Villard
  • "Indivisible by Four", Arnold Steinhardt, Farrar Straus Giroux
  • "The Road from Coorain", Jill Ker Conway, Vintage
  • " True North", Jill Ker Conway, Vintage
  • " Woman's Education ", Jill Ker Conway, Knopf
  • " Crescent Moon " Tagore
  • " Einstein's Unfinshed Symphony ", Marcia Bartusiak, Joseph Henry Press.
  • " Galileo's Daughter ", Dava Sobel, Walker
  • " A Random Walk in Science ", An Anthology compiled by R L Weber and Edited by E Mendoza, Institute of Physics
  • "The Man Who Knew Infinity", Robert Kanigel, Washington Square Press.
  • " The Man Who Loved only Numbers", Paul Hoffman, Hyperion
  • " Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman", Richard Feynman, Norton
  • "Genius", James Gleick, Pantheon
  • " Kate Remembered ", A. Scott Berg, Putnam
  • " Portraits from Memory ", Bertrand Russell, A Clarion Book
  • " Life of Mahatma Gandhi", Louis Fischer, Collier Books
  • " From Eros to Gaia", Freeman Dyson, Penguin Books
  • " Dance For Two", Alan Lightman, Pantheon
  • " The Character of physical Law" Richard Feynman, The M I T Press
  • " Sakaeth ( in Hindi) " by Matheli Sharan Gupth
  • Autobiography, Nehru
  • "Interpreter of Maladies", Jhumpa Lahiri, Harper Collins
  • "Ultra Marathon Man: confessions of an all-night runner, Dean Karnazes
  • "American Prometheus" The Triumph and Tragedy of Robert Opeenheimer", Kai Bird and Martin Sherwin
  • "The Golden Ratio" Mario Livio

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