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Astronomy 103
ASTR 302 - Foundations of Cosmological Thought

Course Notes

Fall Semester 2006

Latest Modification: October 31, 2006

Hawley-Holcomb Textbook Course Note Links

Part I History

Part II Background

Part III Relativity

Part IV The Big Bang

Part V The Continuing Quest

Harrison Textbook Course Note Links

Course Software

On occasions there will be information for the course in the form of MS Excel spreadsheets. From this page, one may obtain copies of the file by right clicking the mouse on the links given below. This will allow you to download the document (Save Link Target As…) to your computer. If you left click the mouse, the Excel file will open in MS Excel assuming it has been loaded on your machine.

  1. Planetary Motion Simulator
  2. Binary Star Motion Simulator
  3. Planck Function Calculator
  4. Hydrogen Ionization and Excitation
  5. Solar Abundances
  6. Solar Interior Model
  7. Rosseland Mean Opacity
  8. Kramers Opacity
  9. Solar Photosphere Model
  10. Zero-Age Main Sequence Models
  11. Stellar Continuum Fluxes
  12. Distance Conversions
  13. MK Spectral Type and Photometry
  14. Friedmann-Lemaitre Cosmological Models

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