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Mingzhen Tian

Assistant Professor


Phone: (703) 993-1285 (office),

(703) 993-8476 (lab)

Fax: (703) 993-1269


Office: Room 309

Lab: Room 326, Planetary Building (formerly Sci. & Tech I)




Mailing Address:

School of Physics, Astronomy, and computational Sciences
George Mason University

4400 University Drive, MS 3F3

Fairfax,  VA 22030-4444


PhD in Laser & Materials, Paris-Sud University, France, 1997

Professional experience:

12/1995-12/1997: Research Assistant, Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, CNRS, France

02/1998-09/1998: Post-doc. Research Associate, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden.

10/1998-08/2007: Post-doc. Research Associate, Research Scientist, Research Assistant Professor, Montana State University.

Research Interests:

Laser atomic spectroscopy, nonlinear and quantum optics, and quantum information science.

Currently focused on rare-earth based solid state quantum memory and quantum computation, which are the important components in developing quantum information science and technology.  The research also include investigation of laser spectroscopic properties of rare-earth ions trapped in inorganic crystal lattice at cryogenic temperature, the coherent and incoherent processes under the excitation of composite laser pulses, and the influence of the static electric and magnetic fields. Study of these processes provides the information needed to understand and control the physical systems to demonstrate quantum memory and robust quantum logic gates. Research activities involve both experiments and theoretical modeling. Student research projects are currently carried out at both graduate and undergraduate levels.



Current projects:

1.    Rare-earth ensemble based solid state quantum memory.

2.    Robust quantum logic gates based on geometric phase.

3.    Multipartite entanglement in GHZ diagonal states.



Representative Publications:

1.        M. Tian, D. Vega, and J. Dilles, “Quantum Memory Based on Spatio-Spectral Atomic Comb”, (Submitted to Physical Review A).

2.        X. Chen1, P. Yu, L. Jiang, and M. Tian, “Genuine Entanglement of Four-Qubit Cluster Diagonal States” (submitted to Physical Review A, under revision).

3.         X. Chen1; L. Jiang, P. Yu, and M. Tian, “Total and genuine entanglement of three-qubit GHZ diagonal states”. (submitted to Physical Review Letters.)

4.         M. Tian, T. Chang, K. D. Merkel, R, Wm. Babbitt “Reconfiguration of spectral absorption features using a frequency-chirped laser pulse”, Applied Optics 50, 6548-6554 (2011).

5.         J. T. Thomas, M. Lababidi, and M. Tian, “Robustness of Single Qubit Geometric Gate against Systematic Error”, Physical Review A 84,042335 (2011). (1 citation)

6.         M. Tian, I Zafarrulah, T. Chang, R. K. Mohan, and Wm. Randall Babbitt, “Demonstration of geometric operations on the Bloch vectors in an ensemble of rare-earth metal atoms”, Physical Review A. 79, 022312 (2009). (2 citations)

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14.      T. L. Harris, M. Tian, W. R. Babbitt, G. W. Burr, J. A. Hoffnagle, and C. M. Jefferson, “Chirped excitation of optically dense inhomogeneously broadened medium using Eu3+: Y2SiO5”, J. Optical Society of America B 21, 811 (2004). (7)

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  • Devin Vega, Ph.D. Student
  • J. T. Thomas,  Ph.D. Student
  • Jacob Dilles, undergraduate


  • Emily Mathison, (MS, Dec. 08)
  • Jason Lee, (MS, May 08)
  • Mahmoud Lababidi, Ph.D student
  • Jeremy Kolansky, undergraduate (B.Sc. in Physics, Jan. 2010).
  • Sultan Behery, undergraduate (B.Sc. in Physics and Electrical Engineering, May. 2009).
  • Chhetri Sanjog, undergraduate (B.Sc. in Physics, Jan. 2008).




Undergraduate Courses

Physics 161: University Physics I lab,  Fall 2012 (2 classes).

Physics 261: University Physics II lab, Spring 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2011, Spring 2012 (2 classes).

Physics 246: College Physics II lab, Spring 2010.

Physics 402: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics/Atomic Physics, Fall 2007, Fall 2008, Fall 2009.

Physics 408: Senior project, Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Fall 2009.

Physics 416: Special Topic in Modern Physics, Fall 2008.

Graduate Course

Physics 502: Quantum Mechanics (co-listed with Physics 402 with higher-level requirements),Fall 2008, Fall 2009.

Physics 784: Quantum Mechanics II, Spring 2011.

Physics 703: Physics Seminar, Spring & Fall 2009.

Physics 796: Directed Reading, Spring & Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Spring & Fall 2010, Spring & Fall 2011.

Physics 798: Doctoral Dissertation Proposal, Spring & Fall 2009, Spring 2010.

Physics 799: Doctoral dissertation, Fall 2010, Spring & Fall 2011, Spring 2012.


Updated: Aug. 10, 2012