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Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy
George Mason University

Adjunct Associate Professor

Institute for Quantum Matter, PI
Johns Hopkins University

I am a condensed matter theorist interested in the physics of strongly correlated electrons and ultra-cold atoms. My work is focused on trying to understand the unconventional phases and phase transitions of many-body quantum systems, using mostly analytical methods of quantum field theory. The subjects of my research are strongly correlated topological materials, high-temperature superconductors (cuprates and iron-based), ultra-cold atoms in the unitarity regime, and frustrated quantum magnets.

Featured publications:

  • Quantum field theory of topological spin dynamics, P.N., arXiv:1911.11155
  • Topological orders of monopoles and hedgehogs: From electronic and magnetic spin-orbit coupling to quarks, P.N., PRB 101, 115144 (2020).
  • Interaction Driven Subgap Spin Exciton in the Kondo Insulator SmB6, W. T. Fuhrman, J. Leiner, P.N,, PRL 114, 036401 (2015).
  • Renormalization group fixed points, universal phase diagram, and 1/N expansion for quantum liquids with interactions near the unitarity limit, P.N., Subir Sachdev, PRA 75, 033608 (2007).
  • Physics of low energy singlet states of the Kagome lattice quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnet, P.N., T. Senthil, PRB 68, 214415 (2003).

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