Quantum over breakfast Quantum over breakfast

Quantum over brunch is an informal journal club series in the Physics Department at George Mason University. We meet once or twice a month to discuss topics of current research interest in the general field of condensed matter physics. This is a branch of physics which seeks to understand quantum mechanics of macroscopically many interacting particles.

The meetings are organized by the faculty of the condensed matter theory group at GMU, Predrag Nikolic, Erhai Zhao and Indu Satija. We welcome all graduate students at GMU interested in quantum physics. Our goal is to create a forum in which we can have conversations about the hottest current research topics, and both stimulate and satify our curiosity about the unexplained phenomena in quantum physics.

The format for this club is somewhat open: it will not be seminar style, but a discussion session. We will start every topic at a very basic level. By asking questions, we all hope to learn the subject. We believe that students interested in quantum physics will set the stage for the level of discussion. Since our plan is to learn each topic in full detail and depth, we will read and discuss scientific paper and our sessions will tend to be technical.