Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Curriculum Committee



All course and program proposals must now be created and submitted through an on-line curriculum management system. Permissions and training are required. See the link. Otherwise, tell me what you want to do, and I'll take care of the submission details.

Proposals for Faculty Vote

  1. PHYS 131 (Introduction to Renewable Energy) new: Foundation course for revised renewable energy minor. Syllabus
  2. PHYS 411 (Renewable Energy Internship) new: Distinguish renewable energy minor internship option from PHYS 409 internship option. Syllabus
  3. PHYS 331 (Physics of Renewable Energy) modification: Change name from Foundation of Renewable Energy to Physics of Renewable Energy.
  4. Renewable energy minor modification: Single required course, PHYS 131, and many options for many different majors.
  5. Physics BS modification: Add PHYS 331 to no-concentration and applied and engineering physics concentration physics theory options; add ECE 415 and 416 to applied and engineering physics concentration practical work options.
  6. Astronomy BS modification: List acceptable courses for additional coursework in physics and astronomy, instead of requiring department permission.