Astro Links

Research Links

bulletADS Abstract Service
bulletLos Alamos Preprint Server
bulletAstronomy Meetings and Conferences
bulletInfrared Processing and Analysis Center
bulletNASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED)
bulletThe Spitzer Science Center
bulletChandra X-ray Observatory
bulletXMM Newton Observatory
bulletHST Proposal Information
bulletInfrared Science Archive (IRSA)
bulletAstronomical Data Center (ADC)
bulletAstrophysics Data Handbook
bullet Extragalactic/Cosmology Reviews

Local Seminars:

GMU Space Science Seminars, spring 2005, fall 2004

GSFC Seminars

LASP seminars
LASP Stellar & Extragalactic Astronomy Lunch (SEAL) seminars
LASP Solar Seminar Series
Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics Seminars
Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics Brown Bag Seminar Series
Goddard Scientific Colloquia
Goddard Engineering Colloquia


Seminars at Local Institutions

University of Maryland, College Park, Astronomy Dept Colloquia
JHU Seminars
STScI talks this week



Interesting Educational Astronomical Sites:

bulletSpace Telescope Public Information
bulletViews of the Solar System
bulletWelcome to the Planets
bulletSky and Telescope: Weekly News Bulletin
bulletBlack Holes and Neutron Stars
bulletComets and Meteor Showers Page
bulletAstronomy Magazine
bulletMars Pathfinder
bulletMars Global Surveyor
bulletCassini mission to Saturn
bulletImages of Nebulae and Galaxies
bullet Finding planets around other stars
bulletAstronomy Picture of the Day
bulletSpace shuttle and artificial satellite visibility
bullet Satellite and Sky Charts (including planets, Moon, etc.)
bullet Local Weather Report
bullet Local Radar Animation
bullet Northeast U.S. Infrared Satellite Image
bullet Today's GMS-5 Satellite Images (Colorized)
bullet Current Global Weather Movies
bulletEPA Global Warming page
bullet El Niņo Animation


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