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bulletPh.D. Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester
bulletM.A. Physics University of Rochester
bulletB.A. Physics, Magna Cum Laude Bryn Mawr College


bulletAssociate Professor, George Mason University, 8/06-present
bulletAssistant Professor, George Mason University, 8/01 - present  
bullet Research Associate, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 10/96 - 7/01
bullet Adjunct Professor, Physics Department, George Washington University, 8/00 - present  
bullet Research Assistant, Astrophysics, University of Rochester, 1/90-10/95
bullet Teaching Assistant, Physics, University of Rochester, 9/88-1/90  


bullet Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, 1998  
bullet National Research Council Fellowship, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 1997  
bullet National Research Council Fellowship, Naval Research Laboratory, 1997
bulletGarber Fellowship Award, National Air and Space Museum, 1997
bulletNaval Research Lab Alan Berman Publication Award, co-author, 1997  
bullet Smithsonian Fellowship Award, National Air and Space Museum, 1996
bullet Graduate Student Thesis Prize, New York Astronomical Society, 1996  


University Service

Member of Search committee, Physics Department, GMU, Spring and Fall 2005


Chair of Faculty Search committee for two-position search in the Physics Department, GMU, 2002-2003


Chair of Undergraduate Program Committee, Physics and Astronomy, GMU, fall 2003-present


Undergraduate Advisor for new Astronomy degrees (Spring 2003- 2005)


Professional Service

Have served on several NASA Chandra, Spitzer, GALEX, NSF CAREER, and NSF Extragalactic Astronomy & Cosmology review panels.


Regular referee for ApJ, A&A


Outreach Activities
Outreach to K-12: Presented a Black Hole Workshop at the Sally Ride Science Festival on GMU campus in May 2002

 Recruitment: Delivered several astronomy talks at St Johns College in Annapolis, MD, in April 2001 and 2002. Summer internships were offered, resulting in 5 students enrolling in the grad program at GMU.  Recruitment talks given at Bryn Mawr College and University of Rochester.  Recruitment at national conferences with students participating in recruitment efforts at the AAS meeting in Seattle.

 Mentoring: Sponsored student travel for presentation for over 4 trips across the country.  Supported 11 undergraduates in research and 5 graduate students.



Selected Oral Presentations:  


  1. Colloquim Speaker, The  Link between Active and Normal Galaxies, , Department of Physics, University of Utah, 2005

  2. Colloquim Speaker, From LINERs to Quasars, Department of Physics, Bryn Mawr College, 2005

  3. Colloquim Speaker, Black hole Growth and Galaxy Building, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 2005

  4. Colloquium Speaker, LINERs: The Missing Link in the AGN Population, The Kapteyn Institute, Groningen, The Netherlands, 2005

  5. Colloquium Speaker, The Connection Between Star Formation and Black Hole Growth in LINERs, , University of Missouri at St Louis, 2005

  6.  Seminar Speaker, A Joint Infrared and X-ray Investigation of LINER Galaxies, GMU, 2003

  7. Colloquium speaker,  University of Rochester, 2002.  

  8. Colloquium speaker, IR Luminous Galaxies: Near-IR and ISO Results, Bryn Mawr College, 2001.  

  9. Conference speaker, Tunable Filters for NGST, SPIE conference, Munich, Germany, 2000.

  10. Invited speaker, The Goddard NGST Tunable Filter Program, Conference on “3D Imaging”, CA, 1999.

  11. Colloquium speaker, IR Luminous Galaxies: Near-IR and ISO Results, Wesleyan University, 1999.

  12. Starburst Galaxy Seminar speaker, Recent Far-Infrared ISO Observations of Infrared Bright Galaxies, Naval Research Lab, 1998.

  13. Colloquium speaker, IR Luminous Galaxies: Near-IR and ISO Results, Space Telescope Science Institute, 1998.

  14. Seminar speaker, Near-IR and ISO Observations of Arp 299, Naval Research Lab, 1998.

  15. Colloquium speaker, IR Luminous Galaxies, University of Wyoming, 1997.

  16. BIMA Seminar, ISO Observations of the IR-luminous Galaxy, Arp 299, University of Maryland, 1997.

  17. Colloquium speaker, Starburst Galaxies, Bucknell University, 1997.

  18. Invited speaker, Near-infrared and ISO Observations of IR-Bright Galaxies, Goddard Space Flight Center, 1997.

  19. New York Astronomical Society Meeting, Oral presentation for Graduate Thesis Award, Renssalear Polytechnic Institute, 1996.

  20. Starburst Galaxy Seminar speaker, The Prototypical Starburst: M82, Space Telescope Science Institute, 1996.

  21. Oral Presentation, A Laboratory for Starburst Theories, “From Stars to Galaxies”, Crete, 1995.


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