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Dr. Shobita Satyapal

 Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy

George Mason University


Contact Information

Room 319, S&T I

Phone:    703-993-1283

Fax:        703-993-1269

E-mail: satyapal@physics.gmu.edu


Mail: Dept. of Physics and Astronomy


George Mason University

4400 University Drive

Fairfax, VA 22030


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at George Mason University.  My current research interests focus on understanding the physical processes taking place in the nuclear regions of infrared-bright galaxies. 

A large fraction of galaxies in the Universe are enshrouded in dust, emitting the bulk of their radiation at infrared wavelengths.  The central kiloparsec in these galaxies is often completely obscured in the optical regime, where historically most of our understanding of galaxies and their evolution is obtained.   In order to obtain a complete understanding of the formation, characteristics and evolution of galaxies, the energetics in the centers of IR-bright galaxies must be comprehended.  Toward this goal, my research utilizes primarily space-based imaging and spectroscopic observations of IR-bright galaxies using ISO, Chandra, and Spitzer, with the ultimate aim of understanding their role in the formation and evolution of galaxies.  A more detailed description of current projects and links to publications can be found here.

Research Group:

Postdoctoral Associates:


Brian O’Halloran (summer 2004- present)


Current Graduate Students:


Rachel Dudik (summer 2002 – present)

Devin Vega (Fall 2006 - present)

Jason Lee (Spring 2007)



Past and Present Undergraduates:



Andy Ayres (St. Johns Student, Summer 2002)

bulletFabiana Leal (GMU, 2001-2003)
bulletJohn McNulty (St. Johns Student, Summer 2002)
bulletSteve Richardson (GMU,  2002)
bulletHana Sanei (GMU, 2001-2002)
bulletMona Sanei (GMU, 2001-2003)
bulletCandice Murphy (GMU, fall 2003)
bulletJeremy Roberts (GMU, summer 2004)
bulletScott Gries
bulletDiana Marcu (spring 2007)
bulletRichard Johnson (spring 2007)

Past Graduate Student Collaborators:

bulletMark Salvador (GMU,  2001-2002)
bulletCarissa Khana (GMU, 2005-2006)

For a description of student projects and pictures from past meetings, click here.  I strongly encourage undergraduate participation in research.  Please contact me if you are interested in joining our group.





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